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About Dr. Laborde

I love what I do.

During my 30 + years as a doctor of chiropractic medicine, kinesiologist, and transformational and corporate coach I have learned that the road to well-being is really quite different for each of us.

My "whole person" private practice has focused on cultivating increased self love, appreciation and enthusiasm for life.

I encourage patients to take a very active role in designing a holistic and preventive program that they can embrace with confidence - one which honors and celebrates their body, mind and spirit.

My emphasis is on empowering you with the information and the tools to take care of yourself and your loved ones at a much deeper level than you ever have before.

I enjoy working closely with other alternative heath and wellness practitioners, medical doctors and mental health providers in the community to offer you an opportunity for truly integrated healthcare.

In addition, I have a true passion for leading retreats and coaching individuals, groups and companies in the midst of transition.

As time allows, I continue to present stress reduction trainings and alternative healing technique classes within health spas, hospitals, retreat centers and corporations worldwide.


Sebastopol, CA

Phone: (760) 681-8501


Contact us today

to see if we can

help you return to

optimal wellness using

a variety of centuries old

natural and non-toxic therapies

side-by-side with the latest

in medical technology

and science.

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