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Great news:

You are so much more than your list of symptoms.

You have an amazing ability to heal yourself and to live your life from a place of wholeness, joy and resilience again.

The wisdom, the courage, the self- love are already within you.

I would be glad to help you to bring it all forward again.

I am dedicated to supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of those I work with.

Many of my patients are focusing on auto-immune disorders, digestive and brain health as well as issues of blood sugar, toxicity and inflammation.

I offer a unique blend of gentle and effective treatment to reduce your various stresses including:

1. mindfulness based lifestyle coaching

2. sound, light and botanical therapy for stress reduction

3. non-force chiropractic kinesiology

4. medical grade IV laser therapy for pain relief

5. nutritional support and detox programs 

I've listed several packages I am currently offering:

1. Crafting Your Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle:

Since inflammation is seen in so many suffering with chronic health issues, my patients often begin with a month long detoxifying protocol and nutritional re-set.

This is an opportunity to focus on loving and supporting ALL parts of yourself : physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This comprehensive and individualized program is backed with blood tests and nutrient-dense whole food meal plans specific to your current needs. I provide weekly personal coaching either on-line or in-office.

Because this program so often begins life-changing, long term benefits in one's health I am currently offering a free half hour consultation to discuss your specific health needs:

Cost of 30 Day Detox: $499-$699

2. An Energy Medicine Approach to Food Sensitivities and Air-borne Allergens:

During our initial time together we will explore your immune profile, your overall health and discuss what you are now doing to enhance your Immune System as whole.

The follow up completely non-invasive 20-30 minute sessions are very effect in re-establishing a favorable relationship between your body and the irritating substances in your life.

What happens during a session? Our patients are resting on a relaxing vibroaccoustic sound therapy table as a series of acupuncture organ meridian points are stimulated by a laser light in the presence of the offending allergen.

Your body calms down . An inner truce is called. It is usually just that simple and often the reactivity pattern will "re-set" in one visit. Homeopathic drops are sometimes suggested for follow-up care.

Please note that we DO NOT treat life-threatening allergies that might bring on an anaphylactic reaction.

A quick demo is truly worth a thousand words. I would be very glad to have you call me or come in to the office for a complimentary consultation to determine if this would be useful to you or your family.

Initial Visit: $150 (discount: $50)

Follow-up Sessions: $65 (discount $10)

3. Transformational Coaching:

An important part of the Integrated Well Being Model includes a deep dive into the wisdom inherent within you.

How can you choose compassion and self love to radically upgrade every aspect of your life?

How are your relationships, health and well-being affected by your lifestyle, emotions, thoughts and choices?

How can we re-awaken to the intricate connection between our body, mind and consciousness?

This is easier than you would imagine. My coaching clients consistently report life-enhancing effects that are deep, empowering and immediate.

Their results? To name a few: More focus and follow through. More zest. More joy. More appreciation. More confidence. More energy. More connection. More ease.

This is NOT THERAPY but rather an educative and empowering process of becoming more mindful of - and gaining consistent access to - one's own clarity and inner wisdom.

Whether you choose to work with business matters or focus on something of a strictly personal nature, such as a health or family issue, our coaching and the innovative and easy-to-master "awareness" tools give you the ability to live in the moment, clarify your values, intentions and choices to move beyond the often unconscious issues that have held you back from living and LOVING your life to its fullest.

Core-level coaching sessions are offered either within my office or by telephone or video Skype. Each coaching schedule is individualized to meet your unique needs. In addition to my one-on-one and couples work, I also coach companies and teams on-site.

Special New Client Coaching Offer:

Is time to get some short-term support to help you 

navigate through life’s unexpected challenges?

Are you in the middle of a major life transition ? Perhaps

 you are dealing with a sudden loss, a divorce, job or 

career change, a health crisis, or relocation.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, writer or artist looking for 

a creative breakthrough. Or do you simply want to truly 

enjoy your life again?

Five Hours of one-to-one Coaching:

$500 (a savings of $250)

Five Small Group Sessions: $200 


"The Light Cure": Adding a turbo-boost to our

chiropractic kinesiology practice, our state-of-the-art Medical Grade IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy offers a powerful fast-acting, safe and painless alternative for the treatment of:

  • Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel
  • Shingles, Tri-geminal Neuralgia
  • Burn and Wound Healing
  • And many more physical and neurological issues

New Patient Laser Therapy Package:

Initial Visit & Treatment: $100 ($100 discount)

5 sessions - $250 ($50 discount)

To learn more about the healing power of light

and the latest generation of therapeutic lasers: 

Talks and Workshops:

Auto-immunity and Emotional Resilience:

A powerful 6 week on-line course to re-discover your Wellspring of Love, zest for life and deep inner peace within the daily challenges of an auto-immune disorder.

Building A Better Brain, 6 classes to explore the many ways you can improve memory and moods with an anti-inflamatory diet, nutritional supplements, specific exercises, stress reduction and lifestyle changes

Inviting Your Dragon To Tea:

Feeling Into What Is, 5 evenings of small group Transformational Coaching. Our focus may be different than what you are have experienced before:

1. You are whole and complete - now

2. Your answers are all there awaiting your discovery

3. Everything happens for a reason and for our growth

4. Ultimately Love Is The Answer

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